Avoid at all costs unless under new management

Delta Hotel Istanbul

Delta Hotel has by far topped the list of the most poorly managed hotel we have ever come across. The hotel itself has potential but with work and new management. Poor Service Before Arrival We were set to stay in April and pre-booked online directly via their site for a very reasonable 103.00 EUR for 4 nights (incl. breakfast… kind of).

Just prior to booking I personally emailed the hotel to ask about the airport transfers… and got a reply with the rate of 25 EUR and if I needed anything else or to book the transfer just send a message. This email came directly from the Marketing Manager. So the very next day I emailed to get someone information and never got a reply.

Five emails, two Facebook messages (read and not replied) and 3 months later we were still left waiting on any type of reply from Delta Hotel. The chat function was used 3 times, twice with automated replies told that someone will get back to me and never did. After enough of the poor customer service, the chat was tried a third time to see if we could cancel the reservation but was told because it was a fully prepaid rate it wasn’t possible without loosing the full deposit (take note for later). Following that, two calls were made to the hotel’s Marketing Manager. One I left a message and never got a reply and the other was answered and was told to send him and email again with the details… surprise, never replied.

What about that fully prepaid rate that couldn't be cancelled? We finally made it to the hotel (via suntransfers.com transfers… very professional service). On check-in only to be told that the full deposit that was supposed to be done on the website and that their staff member said via chat that was not possible to cancel…. was apparently never fully prepaid. After discussing this with reception for a number of minutes and evening indicating where it said it was fully paid; the Marketing Manager who never replied came to explain that the hotel doesn't charge the amount because some person may want to cancel. Really ?!?

Then there was the room Our room was on the sixth floor and directly next to the 2 elevators. So all through the night you can hear the elevators up and down or people passing by. One night / morning as you would have it … just after 4:00 AM someone was shaking the door handle trying to get in then knocking constantly. I can only assume it was someone drunk now coming in from partying as I heard them go down the stairs and repeating the same process on the room below, possibly not noticing the room / floor before.

Delta Hotel room view

The room did have a view… of a fire exit and the back of a neighboring building. But you could see about 20ft of the opposite street if you opened the window and stuck your head outside.

The room was well maintained by the housekeeping team and as clan as could be given what they have to work with. Eg. the towels have seen better days, the bathroom sink has mold and one of the comforters had a hole. But despite the things that management would need to address, the rooms were clean.

The breakfast was a basic cold dish breakfast; cheeses, ham, corn, bread, cakes, boiled eggs, sausages, fries, juices and tea. Again, the staff there are very pleasant and friendly and understand customer service. Hotel location The hotel is undoubtedly in an excellent location for shopping, dining and a few popular attractions. With that said however, they’re about ten other hotels in the same immediate area which would possibly be better. Exit the hotel and directly to the right, you’ll find 4 good choices for Turkish dining all including free tea with dinner.

To the left there’s a currency exchange (rates haven’t been checked but Western Union on the tram line offers the best we’ve seen with no fees). Straight ahead you have an endless supply of shops selling everything including clothing (retail & wholesale), suitcases, leather goods, shoes and more. Just be prepared for the CONSTANT haggling for vendors to get you into their stores.

Take a left after exiting and proceed to the top of the street which would bring you to the tram line (2-3 min walk). Take a right and you’ll have another street with great shops, Hilton Garden Inn and about 15 – 20 min later you’ll reach the Grand Bazaar. Continue on that street and you’ll come to the Burnt Stone Tower, make a right down the hill (10-15min) and you’ll reach the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia and a few other great attractions.

When you thought it couldn't get any worse

The hotel has printed flyers on their reception desk offering airport transfers at just 70lira (appx. $20 USD) with nice a looking “modern Mercedes Benz V Class”. So to be sure we got all the facts first, I asked if it was the same vehicle and shown and for how many persons. I was told two persons and yes it’s same and they’re “nice and modern”. Should have remembered this hotel is known for deception but old habits die hard.

The transfer was booked for 4:00 AM. We got to reception at exactly 4:00 AM and were told that it’ll be there in 5 minutes. Thirteen minutes later and OLD vehicle showed up (same shape but clearly not even a Mercedes Benz), the driver got out and disappeared somewhere across the street while the bellman packed the bags in the back of what closely resembled an old Soviet Union van. The first rear facing bench had sections of the upholstery missing with some places down to the sponge plus there was no inside door handle. At this point it was late and just wanted to get to the airport... despite the fact we were in the van and still waiting on the driver to come back from wherever he went. About two minutes later he showed up and managed to get us to the airport by exactly 4:30 (not a comfortable ride).

As stated, this hotel has a very big management problem and that in turn is the root cause of the majority of issues at Delta Hotel. Personally I’m sure if given the task to their Restaurant Staff & Housekeeping Department, they’ll possibly do a better job at running the hotel. You may pay a little bit more at some of the other neighboring hotels but it’s worth the extra money for a pleasant holiday than substandard service.

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