Hotel Chicago: Rome Termini Station review

Super budget hotel within 2 minutes walk to Roma Termini. The hotel is among a mix of higher priced hotels and also B&B’s…however, if you’re looking for a lower priced option but still require a private bathroom then this could be worth a try. Easy access…. exit Roma Termini towards the entrance facing McDonald’s, cross the street, turn left and make the first right turn. If you’re on the road with numerous motorcycles and souvenir shops then you’re heading in the correct direction. Second block down you’ll see the bright yellow sign overhead for Hotel Chicago. Slightly less than 2 minutes walk.

Reception & Rooms…. for approximately €60 a night (breakfast included) the rooms aren’t Sheraton or Hilton but they do a very good job on cleanliness and pleasant reception staff. Located in a small room you’ll find the reception area for check-in. (also doubles as a breakfast room). The guy at reception showed us to the room which is also on the outside, two doors away, ground floor. Despite being in the courtyard, there was no noise at night after 10/11PM.

The room itself is more spacious than expected, double bed, side tables, ample outlets for charging your devices, wardrobe, digital safe, radiator and full bathroom. The continental breakfast was booked online with the room on Orbitz and this actually included as room service. This must then be ordered via phone on the morning between 7-9AM. Called at exactly 7:01 and they said it’ll be there in 5 min…. exactly 7:06 there was a knock on the door! Some major chains can’t achieve that level of accuracy. Breakfast items: hot or cold drinks, croissants, 2 buns, cheese, jams, ham, yoghurt, and toast.

With all good, there must be some negatives… There’s an AC in the room but doesn’t work as there’s no remote and the radiator doesn’t really do much of a good job at heating the room either. Also, don’t expect to watch much TV with limited channels and a 12” screen….anyway you’re in Rome….go out and explore.

Lastly and most important…. the items they call towels, really aren’t! They more resemble sheets for half of a single bed. Despite being lily white, they don’t do much of a job as a “towel” They were 3 of those and 1 hand “towel” for 2 persons. Also no floor towel for the shower so be careful stepping out with wet feet on a ceramic floor. Lastly. If you’re here to explore Rome. this is a good start. Head out of the

hotel, turn right and follow the road all the way down to the Colosseum. It’s 90% a straight road and would get you there in approximately 20-30 min depending on your speed. If using GoogleMaps, take the route that leads you through the park. From there you can get the best views of the full Colosseum without the crowds in every photo. Overall, certainly not a bad hotel for the price and one of the more sensible options if requiring a private bathroom and easy walking distance to the main station. Perfect for a 1 or 2-night stay at most.

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