Why you should visit Old Town (Kaleici) ~ Antalya

Cultural, relaxing and entertaining are the best ways we can describe Kaleici ... more commonly referred to as Old Town.

This diverse mix of restaurants and shops takes visitors on a journey away from the traditional streets of Antalya. Taking walk along the main street of Kaleici, you are embraced with a variety of welcoming indoor and outdoor restaurants on both sides of the road. Despite this being shared with vehicular traffic, a single tram line and also dedicated bike lanes; there's no question of it being predominately pedestrian-oriented and not a busy motorway.

You may follow the tram line east past a host of great restaurants or all the way west to amazing lookouts over the city and the horse-drawn carriages. For the cat lovers, be sure to stop by and leave a donation at Lutfen Dikkat.

Old Town still has so much more to discover ...

The main feature and one of the top photo highlights on this street would be Hadrian's Gate. This magnificent structure was built in the name of the Roman Emperor Hadrian, who visited the city in the year 130. Don't miss the opportunity to take a photo here; it'll definitely become a conversation piece at your next social.

Venture down....(then up) the steps and you become transported into another era of Turkish architecture. Mostly pedestrian-only streets line the Old Town with beautifully restored buildings which are now home to boutique hotels, guest houses, private homes, restaurants, and bars.

You may follow the street all the way to Karaaliogu Park with an amazing open area to view the Marina; and once again. more

restaurants. Alternatively, a slight detour will lead you directly to the Marina with a different perspective of enchanting views.... yep, and more restaurants.

Either way, you'll be immersed in the culture and tranquillity of these small streets.

Beautiful sunsets are also possible by the Karaaliogu Park so be sure to time your walk accordingly so as not to miss this added bonus.

When the sun finally does set just give it a little while and this place suddenly comes to life. Yes, more so than before. All the outdoor bars and tables become occupied, activity in restaurants increases and there's a bit more foot traffic but certainly not overwhelming.

They are unquestionably many places to visit in Antalya, including numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Waterfalls, Parks, and attractions, however, Old Town is one of those must visit places which certainly won't get "old".

As this area remains one of the top visited areas, we will continue to feature various restaurants, bars, shops and more over the coming months.

Experience a true Turkish delight now located on the main street on the nostalgic tram route.

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