A Bajan experience at the Rum Stop

Experience the traditional....with a twist.

Aside from the commercially advertised sights and adventures in Barbados, namely catamaran cruises, Harrison’s Cave, etc. They’re a few things synonymous with the island on a more cultural level.

1) Cou-cou and flying fish

2) Pudding & souse

3) Rum shops

The Rum Stop at Limegrove Lifestyle Center is there to help you embrace

all three of these local experiences.

Based on the concept of a traditional

rum shop, this unique location offers the same atmosphere but in a more relaxed environment.

Conveniently situated on the second floor of Limegrove and overlooking the beautiful water feature; guests at the Rum Stop are immersed in an authentic 100% Barbadian cultural experience.

A diverse menu is available serving international dishes or even the well known Bajan fishcakes, maccaroni pie, cou-cou and also pudding & souse! No styrofoam or plastics here.... this is a rum shop with a green mission. As rum shops go, your drinks menu is never ending from the classic Cockspur to finer aged rums like Ron Zacapa XO. You name it and chances are it’s available where their friendly staff are always willing to mix up your specialty.

Take a break from the traditional and experience a true Barbadian experience in the comfort and relaxation at the Rum Stop. As an added bonus they’re also available for special events with a dedicated private balcony area... how many rum shops could boast that level of service? You never know who you'll meet at the Rum Stop...

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