CK Cocktail Kitchen .... longest wait ever!!

When relaxing on a Caribbean island you often get into the mode of “island time” where everything seems to go by at a slower pace and people are more carefree and relaxed. However there’s a thin line between island-time and poor service.

We recently ventured to a new restaurant / bar in the heart of St. Lawrence Gap for a birthday celebration. CK Cocktail Kitchen as the name states specializes in cocktails but they also feature a few other dinner menu options in case you also want a bite to eat. Opting to catch in on their happy hour which runs from 5 – 7PM, we arrived just about 6:00PM on a Sunday evening. The inside restaurant was empty and just 2 staff members we saw on that floor; one of which we spoke to regarding having drinks at the outside seating area. There was also one lady seated outside already having her drinks. They were also possibly a few persons on the roof top terrace as on a few occasions drinks were being taken upstairs by additional staff members. Having been seated for just over a minute without any service seemed a bit unusual for this type of establishment, but maybe they were busy. This minute turned into 5 minutes..... then 10... without any type of service. Despite being passed numerous occasions by staff NO ONE stopped to ask if we're being served, if we'll like anything... absolutely ZERO service. Travelling the world and evaluating various tourism related services, we decided to stick out and see how poor the service could get at CK Cocktail Kitchen. Ten minutes eventually went by, which progressed to 15 and then 20 minutes of sitting in their establishment waiting for service. By that time I knew that if anyone did come I would no-longer be interested so we left and walked down to Seahorse Restaurant (directly in front of the bay). Coincidentally at Seahorse we were greeted 1) on the outside 2) a few steps on the inside to be given a table and 3) less than 10 seconds after by our waiter who remained attentive all night long. There’s something fundamentally wrong when a “customer oriented” establishment fails miserably at basic customer service. This review was also published to our TripAdvisor account and with a negative review, they were very quick to reply they were sorry for the experience, which was followed by a personal message asking for our date of visiting the restaurant. Needless to say, like the service at the restaurant, there was absolutely no response from them since. Thankfully St. Lawrence Gap is filled with numerous restaurants, bars and vendors, so there’s always another selection when one fails to make a passing grade…or any type of grade.

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