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Known as one of the most culturally diverse, unique and captivating islands in the Caribbean, Cuba is becoming an increasingly popular destination among travellers.

Within the past year Cuba has seen a steady increase of new airlines regionally and US based along with numerous cruise lines vying for the opportunity to add this destination to their itinerary. Not to be left out, Barbados has also recently welcomed an indirect service to Havana via Trinidad with Caribbean Airlines. This service operates twice weekly connecting Barbados and Cuba within a matter of hours. Unfortunately pricing from regional carriers still remains quite high with roundtrip fares averaging $975 USD per person. This being considerably more than a roundtrip flight to the UK.

Since launching this service in early January 2018, Caribbean Airlines has offered no less than three different promotional 50% discounts within the two months it’s been active. Quite possibly in a bid to fill more seats on a high priced route.

All hope is not lost as Cuba may now become drastically more affordable than previously thought. Barbados would be welcoming Copa Airlines on 17th July 2018 with a direct service to Panama. This in turn would open up wide range of opportunities within Central America, South America and USA. Additional to these destinations, Copa also offers direct flights from Panama to Havana Cuba. A check on these fares show prices starting at just $438 USD round trip! This means rather than paying $1,950 for a family of 2 to Cuba on Caribbean Airlines, you can now take a family of 4 for only $1,752 and still have extra spending money.

With the introduction of this new service in July, we foresee Caribbean Airlines drastically reducing their current prices or removing this current BGI-POS-HAV route… providing this isn’t cancelled prior. We have tried reaching out to Caribbean Airlines since their initial announcement in December 2017 and to this day (two and a half months later) we are yet to receive a reply.

Copa Airlines would be a welcomed addition to the region offering a new level of service and an increased route network. Below are a some other destinations which would be available from Barbados via Copa Airlines. All prices are in USD, round-trip & per adult

Barbados – Panama $514 Barbados – Costa Rica $703

Barbados – Punta Cana, Dominican Republic $646 Barbados – Cancun, Mexico $1,272 Barbados – Santiago, Chile $1435

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