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A trip to Brussels would not be complete unless you made a visit to the most iconic symbol of the Belgian landscape, the Atomium. This magnificent feat of design and engineering was originally opened for the World Fair on April 17th, 1958 and has since become one of the most visited attractions in Brussels.

Designed originally only to be a temporary exhibit, the Atomium has had to close its doors in 2004 to undergo a massive renovation and resurfacing of all spheres. This task took the greater part of two years and was once again reopened on February 18th, 2006 with the amazing luster of what greets visitors today.

As the Atomium is one of the most popular attractions in Brussels, it’s best to book your ticket online to avoid some of the long lines that wait at this unique location. Once past the friendly security screening you’ll be greeted by a whimsical comic character for a unique set of photo opportunities. Don’t pass up this fun opportunity!

The guided tours take you the the elevator with a quick trip to the Panorama (top) Sphere at 92m, where you your view of Brussels suddenly reaches a new expanse. On clear days the views extend as far as the eyes can see in a full 360 degrees. If you need an even closer view of distant landmarks, you’re welcomed to make use of the spotting scopes dotted around the sphere. Looking to extend the visit a little longer, why not take a few steps up and have a bite to eat at the Panoramic Restaurant a few steps above.

Taking a ride down on what can arguably be one of the most thrilling escalator rides you’ll take in your life will lead you to the Permanent Exhibit. This sphere, situated on 2 levels is the perfect opportunity to learn the full history of the Atomium and great details on the World Fair of 1958. Along with this you’ll also find informative multimedia displays giving you additional insight into the Atomium over the past 50 years.

Along with being a top destination for visitors to Brussels, one of the Spheres are actually available for private events. Be it a business meeting, function or wedding reception; you’re guaranteed to thrill your guests after hosting them at such a unique location.

Not be left out, kids also can have their unique adventure at the Atomium. A complete

section is available for overnight adventures for children. This evening of fun and entertainment includes dinner, movies, breakfast and even H20 Element shaped beds for their comfort.

After a great tour don’t forget to stop for your photos taken with the wonderful characters. This will be a great souvenir for your visit. Purchase some of the available Belgian chocolate and pick up a souvenir or two from the gift-shop. So if your next holiday or even business trip takes you to Brussels, don’t think twice about visiting this unique and amazing attraction.

Did you know?

  • The word ATOMIUM comes from the words Atom and Aluminum

  • The Sphere shape represents the atom of an iron crystal

  • The hired sphere for events can comfortably hold between 160 - 200 persons

  • Brussels dream of an American City started with the American Pavillion most of which is still on the site

  • Hand held phones are available with audio guides in different languages. These will soon to be replaced by QR codes

  • The kids sphere has a 2 year waiting list

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