Turkish Airlines, perfect....almost

It’s easy to see how Turkish Airlines could be rated as Europe’s Best Airline according to Skytrax World Airline Awards.

While others charge extra for basic necessities, Turkish Airlines includes quite a few of these free of charge from Economy all the way to Business. As normal with most airlines, their fare structure includes the base option which includes only hand-luggage or you can pay slightly more to have 20kg (up to 30kg depending on the route). However no matter the class, all economy seats include an excellent In-Flight Entertainment system with a wide selection of movies, games for kids, audio channels, flight tracking and more*. (available on some aircraft)

If you’ll like a little more entertainment on your next flight, how about checking out their in-flight connectivity service. This is a paid option but allows passengers to send / receive messages and e-mails from the comfort of your seat. Speaking of things out of the ordinary; Turkish Airlines is one of the few that offer “Flying Chefs” on board to prepare specially made meals to their Business Class passengers. So next time you’ll like to be pampered on-board, give their business section a try.

4 flights in 4 weeks …but they just had ruin a good thing…

Now some things are just too impossible to make up and even though Turkish Airlines does have positive attributes, they are some items that need addressing. I’ve flown on 32 seater Dash 8’s with 1 flight attendant to 400+ capacity Boeing 747’s with 16 flight attendants all to a variety of destinations around the world; long and short-haul….but not once has a flight attendant forgotten me during service… TWICE.

During the meal service, the couple next to me in 25C ordered a Pepsi, which he received, 25B a Coke. For this the Flying Chef (who was serving at that time) went to the aft galley to get the Coke and return… and proceeded aft as they’ve already served row 26 and 27. After trying to get his attention didn’t work, I pressed the F/A button. Twenty-six minutes later and five flight attendants that passed without stopping; the in-flight chef came back (once again and apparently I still had on my invisible shield) and he politely leant over and asked the couple if everything was OK, turned off the button and started to walk away. At this point I managed to let him know someone was sitting in 25A and I managed to ask for my drink … FINALY.

So, not to be outdone by her co-worker, during the coffee & tea service (about 5 minutes later), another F/A did the EXACT SAME THING! This time not only 25A but almost 24A as well, however he managed to get her attention. I decided to let it play on to verify she was actually going to pass me and so said so done. Turkish Airlines, keep up the good flights but work on the service.

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