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If you'll be having a long layover at Frankfurt airport, Hilton Garden Inn is one of if not the best choice to do such for a number of reasons. Depending on your arrival airline the airport is could be a 10 - 20 min walk (covered walk). The signs however aren't the biggest and may take a little while trying to find the right direction but an easy walk. They're also baggage carts which you may use all the way to the hotel. LOCATION Hilton Garden Inn is located in The SQUAIRE, which by itself is a fully self contained building with everything you can possibly need. HGI is about 10 steps away from Hilton and they can actually be both accessed internally as they're literally side by side. We've actually walked from our room along the corridor looking for the gym and ended up coming out through the Hilton doors so basically they're one in the same.

STAFF & ROOMS The reception staff were very friendly and accommodating as we arrived just before midday and they were able to find us a room that we could go to straight away. We had another room pre-booked from the night before but due to the early arrival it was unavailable so they offered another on the same floor and just a few doors away (with the same airport view as requested). Room cleanliness is up to to Hilton standards and no complaints or faults there. Comfortable bed, pillows, ample outlets for charging and quiet rooms!!

VIEW (AIRPORT) If you love aviation this tops the list of great hotel views (except St. Maarten). Room number 11263 was our room and the airport view was amazing. There was a clear view over the Sheraton hotel ahead and onto the airport. Excellent view of the the departing / arriving aircraft and even more stunning at night. Sunrise was also quite spectacular. Special thanks to Hilton to keeping their windows clean inside and out. Airport noise was not an issue and unheard. One issue with the room was the wifi, albeit free for HHonors members, it kept signing out one device if two were connected so we needed to keep signing back in.

NEARBY AMENITIES There's quite literally everything you may need within short walking distance (indoors) from the the hotel. Within less than 2 min walk you have a jewelry store, restaurants, cafes and a fully stocked small supermarket. The supermarket came in quite handy as it has everything you could need including precooked meals. One floor down you have direct access to the trains taking you all over Frankfurt (one of the most expensive I've experienced in Europe). They're also quite a few other fast food outlets 5-7 min walk away. The SQUAIRE itself is a great little place to walk around and explore the interesting architecture. Head out the HGI doors.. down the stairs...and up the stairs again by the supermarket to experience New Work City.

Overall there was only one issue issue when they forgot to cancel the hold on my credit card. Noticed it was still there over a week later and had to email the hotel again to get it released. However that was done quickly. With that said this is a great hotel and would happily stay there again no questions asked.

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