BARBADOS - Attracations

How will you spend your time on this lovely island ? 
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At the heart of Barbados lies one of its greatest wonders, Harrison’s Cave. Located in the central uplands of the island, this breathtakingly beautiful, crystallized limestone cavern is a testament to nature’s mastery. Flowing streams, deep pools of crystal clear water and towering columns characterize this living cave. Gaze in wonder at the white flow stones and in awe at the beauty of the speleothems which adorn the cave. Be sure to make Harrison’s Cave your first stop while in Barbados and Unearth the Adventure!




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Barbados proudly presents British Airways Concorde G-BOAE or Alpha Echo for short. For many years, this legendary aircraft thrilled visitors and locals alike with its stunning combination of advanced engineering and elegant beauty. G-BOAE has now made its final home here in Barbados’ stunning new attraction - Barbados Concorde Experience.







Aerial Trek Zipline Adventures commenced operations in September 2007. Aerial Trek is located at Walkes Spring Plantation, Jack-in-the-Box Gully in the parish of St. Thomas, on the beautiful Island of Barbados. The Zipline tour is constructed as a course of eight platforms that are built around the canopy of the trees within the gully, and therefore is categorized as a moderate level activity tour.







Pirates Cove is a New Bar & Grill located on Brownes Beach where guests can enjoy Music,light snacks, lunches & drinks with views of the beautiful Ocean. 

Spend a day on the beach and enjoy the best of Barbados or step inside to get some unique locally made souvenirs.